Wriggle Fences

Wriggle Fences Add Privacy to Our Newfoundland Cottages

Wriggle Fence add privacy to our Newfoundland Cottages
The Wriggle Fence – ours is even prettier!

One of my first blogs for Elizabeth J Cottages was about the rarely seen Wiggle Fence (aka riggle rod fence).

Well, I finally got the idea of how to make our Newfoundland cottages even more private. The distance between the two Bonavista cottages seems to be fine for most of our guests. However, my instincts told me that we could do better. So came the idea of finding a way to make our Newfoundland cottages more private for our guests.

The foundation for the Newfoundland wriggle fence occurred long before I realized I would eventually stumble on an idea of how to make the cottages more private. Glenn and I decided we needed a fence around the cottages and in-between to give the sense of separation between the cottages. I used the idea of building a Newfoundland style-farming fence, which you can see on my gallery of pictures. This was built in 2008.

Instinct or gut knowledge is a wonderful thing. If you pay mind to the idea that your gut instinct rules you will be rewarded with a treasure of ideas that will bless your life with a new way of living. For example we all have experienced a sense of “who is calling when the phone rings” or feel someone is lying with no obvious proof or “I just feel I do not think it’s a good idea” or an immediate dislike to someone only to find out later that person is a bully, con artist etc.

I did not know when that first part of this Newfoundland fence was being built that it would be just the foundation I would require to complete the wriggle fence. Today, Glenn has done a wonderful excellent job of taking large branches and wriggling them through the two or three boards running across the posts. Ah what a lovely sight – guests will be able to enjoy the finest of privacy –being able to keep the blinds open without fear of stranger’s eyes looking in.

The wriggle fence itself is a blessed sight to the eyes and soul. It gives off energy of being surrounded by beloved arms keeping you and your loved ones in a state of peace. My thoughts run on the idea of putting white lights along the fence to provide a romantic glow, giving the illusion of stars having come to visit.

So my dear guests look out for new pictures of our two Newfoundland cottages that will be up on the photo gallery once spring comes in May when you will have the pleasure of watching another stepping stone to achieving continued maturation of what the cottages will ultimately look like. As in life, one must always continue to grow to stay alive with the love of life and to be the best one can be in all things. I suppose our Newfoundland cottages represent the continued growth of Glenn and I in our new- found- home and business here in Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Only Made in Newfoundland! By ej

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