What is New With Life Here On the Rock

Well, well, well. I am a little shy that I have missed the opportunity to write to you all that has and is going on in my life since I closed the doors of The Elephant Shop.

December 24th and time has flown with opening the doors for a 2nd season this May 15th!

I, like you, needed a break –ya ya ya -I know – I did have one but that was different wasn’t – breaking a leg is not really a break now – or is it?

I must admit it has been good to hide and look at what all I have gotten myself into. I think about all the people that came into the shop and made my shop and I feel needed, wanted and happy to serve offering all who came into a most different shop. I wanted it to be a walk around the world giving you all a rest from your own worlds. Thank you so much for letting me know it did help a bit.

I am afflicted with ideas that I want to implement as soon as my gut tells me it is a must do. What is the affliction this time? Well it is an art gallery. Many of you who came into the shop only 2 weeks after I opened wondered what was upstairs. Disappointment on your faces let me know more was wanted out of this walk around the world. Perhaps people wanted to continue on that journey just for a while longer. And so I listened and now I am in the middle of having my fantastic contractor Dean Abbott who joyfully tore out the lower floor of the house to make way for The Elephant Shop and is now finishing opening the upstairs right up to the attic roof. And ohhhhh what a site it t’s – my my my – the energy coming from this 144yr old attic now free of it’s restraints has it’s heart and soul opened wide and arms waiting to embrace visitors from all over the world including my friends and neighbors here in Bonavista.

The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art will be Bonavista’s first real art gallery and what a joy it will be. Visit The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art walk around in the beauty of original gorgeous art works from New York- a new artist specializing in Impromptuism, another from Vancouver (a Newfoundlander) whose paintings fly off the walls when shown and from Ontario a well known artist whose oil paintings tells the story of the synergy between history, culture and nature.

Wander around feasting your eyes on the beauty of original photographs from 2 well-known professional photographers living here in NL. Ahhh and yes – there are Inuit Carvings from Labrador that your hands will find themselves automatically reaching to caress the soapstone’s cool, smooth energy radiating towards you. Irresistible it t’is.

Then walk down the stairs into The Elephant Shop for another wander around yet another part of the world.

Well now, at the moment The Elephant Shop looks like all the wooden Elephants came alive off the shelves tramping over all and having grand ol’ time. When I go in they think I cannot see them hiding under large sheets. They have no idea what awaits them upstairs when Dean finishes renovating upstairs. They will soon realize there is a whole new space just for them to stampede up and down the stairs. Yahoooooo! Next morn’ when I look at the quiet wooden elephants I will smile and know they too love being in my shop.

My plans for my beloved Elizabeth J. Cottages include as always the best for you- my clients. After doing more research on BBQ, we finally found 2 great ones that are stainless steel. Every year we are faced with BBQ’s unsightly rusted legs/tops and gas tanks that defies chemicals, paint and lots of loving care. So my dream of a BBQ that lasts longer than a year and presents itself, as one of beauty that you all will love to use is now a reality. It will have my long awaited wooden cabinet with a slate top, gas tank hidden and present as the beauty that it is for your pleasure to BBQ on.

Next on my list are new blenders so you now all can make any drinks you want. Protein drinks, fruit drinks or the over 18 drinks – all can be done with a couple of spins of this new gadget. Add ice of course and viola a real treat.

New toasters that accommodate bagels and 4 slices of toast with little buttons to help you time what is best for whatever you will insert. As well, there are new coffee machines. Now these will be a great hit since they have their own insulated coffee pots which you all can bring to the table and will not have to interrupt conversations to get more coffee that is nicely burning.

Finally, I am upgrading the television sets to ones that are sleek, larger and more fun to watch. I want you all to have the best and it is always lovely to find yourself wanting to see a bit of TV or a movie with the clarity, color and depth that lulls you into its world leaving yourself behind to fly where ever the stories take you. Now, I am so pleased that I can offer that to you as well as new radios with CD slots and new movies.

The hottest books will await your hungry fingers and eyes with many hours of quiet reading. Sit in the sunshine on the deck with a cup of tea/coffee, a lovely glass of wine, water or juice. Hide inside sitting on the window box seat peaking out every so often to watch the power and beauty of the ocean calming slowly relentlessly into a blissful place of acceptance.

For me? When I need a break I hide and read for an hour to rejuvenate myself always near a window and the fireplace. Hmmm – I just love doing that along with a trusted blanky. This winter has been an unusual one with lots of rain, with tons of snow falling for 3 days straight. Then shockingly disappearing within 2 days causing massive amounts of water seeking a dry basement. Ah – this time we are ready with a sub-pump that did the job and so our basement is dry.

My pups are now on a new raw diet and let me tell you that it is an amazing diet. All 3 dogs have so much more energy and are not shedding hair that use to be up to our ankles – really! Their coats shine so bright I wear sunglasses. Their health is driving them into playful fun an hour after they eat out they go into their play pen to race, tackle and then lay down in an on- guard position with each one facing a different area. Our Molly-Bear is a very picky eater since she was starved almost to death and now finally she runs over to eat her food -gobbles it down- then barks so she can go out to clean her teeth on the grass or snow. Wow that alone is worth it.

For my clients, I have flown to many places searching and finding the best products for The Elephant Shop and this year there are so many wonderful new items I have added to my list. All are rarely seen but wanted deep at heart reminding one of childhood and magical thinking.

There is more to tell as always so I will leave the rest for another time sooner than before.

I want to leave you all with one question – if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Only made in Newfoundland by ej

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