Welcome To My World My New Store, The Elephant Shop

To all who have wondered where in the world I am – I am right here – you can see me now can’t you?

Ah – I forgot to take my own pictures of me-self on the scene – so I must fix that in my next blog.

Well, every day I am off to my new place of love…my store, the Elephant Shop. I drag myself out of bed at 10 am having breakfast in bed, compliments of my Glennie, then madly get ready for work and off I go with Glenn to drive and spoil me by helping me open the Elephant Shop at 11 a.m. – did I just say 11 am? Not quite accurate since I am so tired I get there around 5 minutes to 12 pm. I find I am bagged with finally getting it all done and now on my feet till 5 pm.

Ohhhhhhh t’is the love of my life it t’is, besides of course Glennie, my dogs, my son and daughter-in –law – well I bet you get the picture. What do I love about being in my shop? I love the look on peoples’ faces when they discover a piece of dreams to adopt and make it a part of their world. The look on a face when I say –“this is a place of fun – try on everything – no pressure to buy – this is a discovery time when you try new things on to see what you like and then what you look like in them.” Haaaaaa – the smile slowly comes. To try on a scarf and I suggest the many ways one can wear such a thing – and the smile slowly starts. A piece of jewelry never dared tried on before and the smile widens. That is what makes me smile and happy I am there.

Newfoundlanders, Bonavistites are my supporters and to have friends that I know more in the business sense come in and surprise me by picking out something and purchasing it…that’s something quite special.

With the Elephant Shop I feel accepted, supported and yes – I feel that finally people understand who I have always been, but only now they can see me. T’is always such a gift to be given recognition for one’s talents. I have yearned for that recognition all my life and feel that now everyone “gets me”. The most amazing part is that they accept that in me and support it tangibly by coming to visit in my store, the Elephant Shop.

Well enough about my greedy soul. The products are doing well and I had needed to re-order some new products already. It’s been time passing, to going into my 3rd week now and the surprise on the faces of my clients is again like rainfall to a flower – shock – they look around and it says I have been here awhile. Surely I jest? Perhaps I have been in spirit or have I just taken over this shop 200 years ago and am just re-enacting as if it t’is my first time? The other possibilities equally seductive is that I am in a universe world the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and now I have broken through a curtain and I feel it is happening now. Is it? One never knows does one until it t’is over.

Only Made in Newfoundland: by ej

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