Upgrades and Improvements

Upgrades & Improvements to My Newfoundland Cottages!

A new season of guests coming to my Newfoundland cottages is making me want to give you all that I can in the way of peace and soul rejuvenation. In keeping with that every year I look at what I can do with Bonavista Newfoundland cottages to make your time a wonderful memory that you can visit in the middle of traffic or on a wet and rainy day.

There are new additions to my cottages for rent, which are yours for however long you are staying here.

One of our cottage additions is the Wriggle Fence that I wrote about a while ago on a previous blog. My husband Glenn made this traditional Newfoundland wriggle fence without even knowing how to do it and is almost finished, with a little at the end to add. I am thinking of adding tiny white lights to the fence to make its energy soft, calming and to make you sigh and say “aaaahhhh” in blissful satisfaction.

The next change came with the bathrooms of both Newfoundland cottages. Before, I wanted them quaint and homey. However, I sensed that perhaps they failed to meet all that my guests required. So, changes were needed especially to help the bathrooms look more open and larger. There now is a large wall-to-wall mirror above glass shelves.

I also added a mirror that is magnified on one side for men when they shave and for women to help with make-up and hair. The cottage shower curtain rods now have a large curve outward from the Jacuzzi Bath Tub giving the person in the shower a wonderful room in itself when bathing or showering.

We all need something to hang onto and that is true when we get into and out of showers, so I added strong thick handle bars to grab when one is overheated or just feeling shaking in the legs – great night last night eh?

To the cottage bedrooms – I needed to get each one a lovely wooden suitcase holder. One other important matter was adding another mattress to the Futon; one to give more height in the sleep area to match the largeness of the wooden sleigh beds. Another great addition is the new Duvet Comforter’s Covers with a dignified square of white that is embroidered onto the covers.

I am determined to keep our Newfoundland cottages green so adding a clothesline to each cottage is a wonderful pleasure to give to my clients. Think about it – everywhere in cities there is a law if you can imagine – against anyone hanging their clothes out to dry; sounds like the law was made to keep us buying all those dryers. I bet the law was made by a person who has lots of shares in the machine dryer industry.

Now that we are all becoming aware of what modernization is doing to Mother Earth, it is odd that the law is still in place favouring dependency on drying machines. The idea that neighbors’ get to see my underwear hanging around is somehow wrong or embarrassing -should ask my underwear if it is embarrassed by letting it all hang out in the beautiful sun and salty fresh air. Away with that outdated law!

So I give lessons for anyone wishing to risk all by hanging your clothing out to dry. Remember all Newfoundlanders hang their clothes out early Monday morning, wave to each other and sit for a cup of coffee and a bit of gossip about who wears what underwear and all.

Along those lines, I removed any paper towel and replaced it with lots of t-towels instead.

I added a Scubbies that removes the need for throw away sponges with a rough pad on the other side. These delightful Scrubbies are made of colourful material that is rough on both sides and can be washed forever without falling apart.

No more S0S pads either to poison the hands and Mother Earth. I want to get rid of the need for plastic bags to put garbage in. At home, I use a white kitchen garbage bucket. This means that I use only one green bag instead of 20 smaller ones to go into the big green ones – and the garbage bag dance goes on and on and on..…

I also do not leave any food out for anyone now. So many people suffer from food allergies and I want to ensure the safety of children and adults from the effects of eating or smelling any foods that cause their allergies and hospitalization.

Well I will leave these updates to my Newfoundland cottages for now and anticipate my clients experiencing the real Newfoundland way of doing things – ahead of our time we are and how much more fun we have doing it. Join us and join the fun of life in this Bonavista Newfoundland out port!

Only made in Newfoundland!  By Elizabeth J.

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