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I have been naughty lately and the God’s of Depression got together to decide what punishment could be bestowed on me for being so happy and full of myself. Mind you that does not happen very often but I got to tell you my dear friends I was feeling high – higher than high – and sunshine could not outdo my brightness.

What right did I have to be happy at this time of my life? Well I’ll tell ya – life felt gooooood. Life began to make sense and life was giving back some to me. I felt for the first real time in my life I belonged somewhere, that I was a part of something bigger than little ol’ me. I felt like I walked on the dirt on the sidewalk. I felt I had all the energy in the world to juggle, as many balls in the air as I deemed needed juggling. Until.

Ah you’re waiting for it yes? We’ve all been there now haven’t we? Feeling so gooooooood Yes – walkin with my doggies with my Glennie arm and arm waving at the passing cars watching them smile and give a wave back – unless their tourists we found – give a little wave and their seems to be a stunned look upon their faces with open mouths wondering what on earth are they seeing – it ain’t human one says to the other … Ya … or do we know them? No .. well why were they waving ?” Ya – life is good. Until….

The cottages and god bless my clients making me feel like I really did something well when they met me at the cottages and were so happy it was not a dump. The shop where one woman exclaimed, “ Why this is not what I expected – this is so sophisticated.” Giddy with joy I get over excited wanting to show anyone in the store what they would look like just trying on one thing they liked – no worries about having to buy it – just try it on for fun – learn something new about yourself image – yes – and smile ear to ear when I see the light in their eyes register – ya that kinda looks good … Until…

I was a few days away from flying if not spiritually then physically to Toronto and then on to San Francisco for a few days of fun – work actually and that is always fun down there. I’d get to see what my son looks like when he is expecting a baby – well you know what I mean – my baby waiting for his baby – enough to blow a mama’s mind. Denise’s his wife – I’d get to see how she looks with a football tummy and their new house and listen to how she feels to have a live wire poking out of her tummy with a kick here and there – and get to see the inside of their new house and their new dog and their new … Until ..

Hey Zemdegs – break a leg will ya?” Best of luck on that new shop of yours – hey by the way where are you keeping those Elephants of yours ha ha ha ha – small town don’t ya know it – and so I did – I was doing so very well breaking ever record in the book on how I wanted the shop to feel to help and to heal by just being until Glennie and I went walking – I was rushing out the door of my shop jabbering a mile a minute about all the people I met and the things they liked and telling Glennie to hurry so we can get the dogs out to the cape for our daily 3 mile walk – ohhhhhhhhhhh life is good. Arm and arm we were my listening to one of Glenn’s many told again and again stories when it happened.

He has a tired foot that drops on him and when we were carefully walking over a few areas of lurking rock snakes his foot decided to drop everything and hit the rock in front. Glenn starts to go down to the left and what was I doing? Well, I was doin what I was meant to be doing – falling along with him, being pulled by that mighty force called gravity and time slowed right down – Glenn already down but still pulling me – my right left foot still thinking we were going straight while the left side of my body knew it was coming – because the brain told the right side that the news was not good. The right side was not to be joining the other side since the left foot was stuck between 2 rocks and a very hard place. I knew it was coming since something had to go.. the left foot was staying put and the left leg well it was going in the opposite direction until I screamed hearing the snap knowing it was done now. My high energy, my love and passion for all that I was doing every day, my joy doing a billion things at once was to be no more. At that split second my life as I knew it was over and what I would be facing – well I had been there before many times – I know the routine –

So I did what every good woman does – I got up and thought well I can stand – it will be ok if I ice it stay off me feet for awhile and I will be good as new.

I hobbled to work the next day with crutches from times before but my leg was foreign to me since it was 5 times it ‘s normal size from top to my bottom little piggy. I went home and stayed put taking pain pills like candy until 7 days later – I knew – it was broken – I was now living with a broken leg and needed to start down that lonely road to St. John’s hospital a good 4.5 hour drive away in absolute pain. It was ten hours later when I finally was admitted, finally got real pain fighters and fell asleep.

Only Made in Newfoundland! by elizabeth j.

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