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Well, its not everyday that one gets to be interviewed about ones businesses. This one actually turned out beautifully and I am so very proud  that all the products and art are featured here. It is not really about me. It is about all those behind the scenes who give their life to their art. It is my feeling that everything that is made is art whether ugly buildings or ugly paintings – it is still art. Life could never go on without true art because we cannot live with it if it is not hand made. Yes – you may think – awe but the machines believe they are hand making it -yes but one can feel when things are made by a machine. How can I tell? It lacks a heart beat that is how.

The Elephant Shop Boutique’s name I thought came out of a painting that I bought from a great artist who owned and served his customers in his convenience shop of sorts in Kerala India. A humble man and his artwork wooed me. His brushes, boards, paint all there beneath my eyes under his counter. After he served someone in this very people flooded area, he sits down and creates images from pictures that people bring him. I was enthralled.

I asked if he would do a painting that I saw hanging very high on the wall to the back of him. Alas that one was sold. This talented painter offered to do 2 more for me – I wanted my son to have the other. So paid for the paintings and left expecting to pick them up 3 days later. Our adventures in Kerala India are for another time suffice to say we returned and as promised he showed proudly his beautiful work.

Tubes in hand Glenn and I off wandering these streets that are more like human homes to all – be it this cows, old people, Tuk-Tuks, women, men, children, packages, baskets on heads or not, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, – goats, dogs, – all belonged on these narrow roads without benefit of sidewalks.

A living breathing life this road is in itself we all belonged and it was if a grand ballet was on stage. I was on the back of a vendors motorcycle and felt as a Ballerina in a massive dance choreographed as if only the gods were their directors.

Elizabeth J.


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