Our Newfoundland Dogs

Sebastian – Our ‘New Found” Dog

Our Newfoundland Dog "Sebastian"
2 month old Newfoundland puppy "Sebastian"

Life is a mystery at best and I believe everything happens for a reason; for instance, take our three dogs.

After we moved to Bonavista Newfoundland, Glenn and I began thinking of getting a dog but it was only a moment’s pause.

How did we end up with three dogs instead of our intended one? Well that is where the magic comes in with our spiritual Guides or God.

I will begin with the story behind our first puppy Sebastian.

One day, we turned down a road not taken before – more like a bit of a highway actually. Suddenly we saw a flash of black go running out into highway traffic scaring the life out of the truck drivers.

This puppy was so little and the energy and abandon were a dangerous combination – there he was traveling on/off this busy road. I called to him…he stopped his exploring and looked directly in my eyes. Then he came running towards me like an out of control locomotive landing in my arms.

Sebastian named after our own founding explorer’s son Sebastian!
2 month old Newfoundland puppy - Sebastian named after our own founding explorer’s son Sebastian!

Ah – puppies they are a wonder are they not? I was given the greatest gift this little puppy could give at the time – lots of licks, wiggling, squirming and best of all – unconditional love. Dogs do not care if you have bad breath, a black tongue, warts on your face or if your eyeballs are falling out. Unconditional love it ’tis.

Glenn and I fell hard in love; like the movie says “Madly, truly, deeply”. Despite us wanting to keep him forever, we went all along the highway knocking on doors looking for his owners. None claimed to even know him. So we happily took him home.

We saw a street sign called Sebastian, liked the name since it seemed to fit his personality and thus gave him the name Sebastian.

We thought it odd no one put up any notices asking about a lost puppy. So we put up notices of a found puppy with his description of a black puppy with a small white spot on his chest. We waited. Of course knowing nothing of how to train a dog to do their business, outside preferably, we sought help from Google.

Five blissful days and five nights without sleep we took our little guy on our 4-mile walks – him in our arms and then a few minutes on the ground. What a joy he was. The locals looked at us like we were a little off in the head and knew right away – ah yes – they’re from “away” aren’t they.

We all suspect this kind of bliss is fragile and most of us are superstitious that it will be taken away – and it was.

We were out walking, holding Sebastian, when a young boy recognized our pup and the boy offered to tell the pups rightful owners. Shortly, we received a telephone call asking for the pup back.

With heavy hearts and tears running down our cheeks, we drove him back. They all seemed happy to see him but my gut said – ‘Ya right.’ So when leaving I stressed, “If you don’t want the puppy please call us – we would love to have him.

Miserably, we drove 1 1/2 hours to Clarenville to get some supplies. Clarenville is a bigger town that you all just might be traveling through someday, should you come to stay at our Newfoundland Cottages.

“Oh you remember me! Thank God!”
2 month old Newfoundland puppy "Oh you remember me! Thank God!"

I wandered into the doggy area looking forlornly at all the things that were not to be when my cell phone rang – “If you want the dog pay us $50.00 and he is yours.” Yes of course we want him!

So we bought the doggy stuff we needed and off we drove to where these people lived on that road i

nches from the highway. Well, we saw Sebastian and he was on his hind legs because his leash was wrapped around a post so tightly he would have choked to death soon. The look on his face said, “Oh you remember me! Thank God!”

The people told us that Sebastian was born on June 25th 2005 and was only two months old – a part of a litter all born here in Bonavista. Now remember my speaking of guides – well I was born on June 25th too (only I won’t add the year). Later I also found out he was abused by being thrown against the wall, yelled at and hit. This explained perhaps, why he was so hyper and wanting so badly to be loved and touched.

Now Bonavista was discovered by accident by an explorer Giovanni Caboto in 1497. John Cabot was one of the first Europeans to set foot in North America since the Vikings. He named this land ‘Newfoundland’ and this bit of land as Bonavista translated into “Oh happy site!”

Sweet Sebastian!
2 month old Newfoundland puppy Sweet Sebastian!

Although not a true Newfoundland dog, Sebastian, our “new found” dog was not only born on my birthday, June 25th, but it appears that Sebastian was also named after our own founding explorer’s son Sebastian! Now how about that? Another little miracle! Is it just a co-incidence or is there more magic to this story than meets the eye?

We found Sebastian in September 2005. In October, something even more magical happened, so stick around for the story behind our other two Newfoundland Dogs!

Only made in Newfoundland!  By Elizabeth J.

Part 2 of “Our Newfoundland Dogs – to be continued…

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