About Our Newfoundland Dogs – Mollie

Mollie & Our Dog Sebastian Are Reunited

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Our Sebastian - Mollie's son rescued -Newfoundland and Lab
2010- Sebastian now is 51/2 yrs old

Well, Sebastian, our dog, was having a ball sharpening his teeth on the ledge below the big windows in the kitchen. He loved to scratch at our French door in order to get out to the mudroom faster than us or to reach us when we got home faster.

Either way he was a doll and his energy was unlimited. As well, we think he was a horse in a past life since he would run sideways just like a horse prancing.  Sebastian would grab the extended leash, put the hard part in his teeth and then put the thin cord under his front paw and run like he was crippled. Don’t be looking at us – not our genes!

We had Sebastian about a month when I needed to drive to Clarenville, a place you would need to drive by on your way to our Newfoundland Cottages in the Eastern region of Newfoundland (near Bonavista).

While I was driving I had this great urge come over me and I felt I just needed to drop by the SPCA (the rescue animal shelter) there. Now dropping by might make me late for my business meeting but the urge just would not go away. I found out where the SPCA was and walked in asking this lady if I could see the dogs.

Mollie is only 3 1/2 yrs old.
Mollie is only 3 1/2 yrs old.

I was escorted through a large solid door and there was this dog sitting like a queen only behind bars. Her back straight, nose slightly held as if there was a pungent smell in the cage. I did not notice that she was almost bald and extremely thin because this dignified dog just looked straight into my eyes without blinking. I asked the woman the dog’s name and was told it was Mollie. I asked if we could let her out of her cage. Mollie followed me up and down the small area. I fell in love hard. I told the lady I would take her.

Of course, it never dawned on me that I had not told Glenn that I was going to the SPCA since I did not know I was going myself. I told the lady about my meeting and that I would return to fill out all the papers and pick the dog up later.

Mollie now is almost 9 years old and sleeping in the same style boat April 2010.
Mollie now is almost 9 years old and sleeping in the same style boat April 2010.

After my meeting about Newfoundland’s tourism business, I rushed back to the SPCA to get Mollie. As I was filling out the papers the woman relayed the story about Mollie to me.

Mollie had been in the SPCA for 3 1/2 months. Mollie was a Newfoundland dog part Retriever. Apparently she was thin as a rail and was starved by her previous owner. Her first owner got rid of her as soon as she knew Mollie was pregnant. I found out that Mollie had chronic ear infections but the woman would never take her to the vet and Mollie suffered for years with the pain of ear infections. She eventually gave Mollie away to a person who did not feed Mollie or take care of her. When Mollie gave birth, the SPCA seized her and a few of her pups but a few were already sold. The lady at the SPCA showed me a picture of one of her pups and my eyes locked on the black hair with a white spot of hair between the front legs on the chest. I swore it was Sebastian, the pup that we just found a month ago and took in. The lady confirmed that Mollie did come from Bonavista and a couple of pups were sold there.

Here Mollie is 6 years old and learning how to play.
Here Mollie is 6 years old and learning how to play.

I looked at Mollie realizing I had one of her pups at home. When all the papers were signed Mollie just followed me to my car and hopped in. Mollie immediately fell asleep. It was dark out and I had 120 km to drive home to Bonavista. It would take 1½ hours to drive home.

As I drove, the feeling of magic hit me. How did I know that I had to go to the SPCA? How is it that I found our pup’s mother languishing away at the SPCA 120 km away? Life is mysterious. I phoned Glenn and let him know I was bringing home Sebastian’s mother.

Glenn is great that way. He is used to me following my unexplained gut instinct. When we arrived home Mollie hopped out of the car. Glenn was standing there with Sebastian on a leash.

Mollie excited as she is out walking with her family of sister and son and of course her parents - ej and Glennie

Mollie stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Sebastian and when Sebastian saw his mom he let out a yell that was heart breaking. I let Mollie run to Sebastian and Glenn released Sebastian to his mom.

We stood for 2 hours watching her take over her role as mother bossing him around, licking him, cleaning him, kissing him and letting him know what he needed to learn. Awesome it was. Our hearts filled with shock, admiration for Mollie’s love for Sebastian and his for her. Our hearts filled with joy and love watching this re-union.

This is Mollie's dignified very intelligent look when I first saw her.
This is Mollie's dignified very intelligent look when I first saw her.

Ah t’is a time one never forgets yet cannot fully describe.

Only made in Newfoundland!

To be continued…

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  1. Kathleen

    What a wonderful heartfelt story. I know my stay (when I come to visit Newfoundland ) with you folks will be wonderful. How can you go wrong when your hosts have a story like this to share!

    • Elizabeth J.

      What a wonderful comment and I do so look forward to meeting you. It was a suprise for me to read you are coming as my guest soon. You too must be a special person to write freely how you feel and experienced this story. Thank you for caring enough to write to me. I am very grateful for your words of support. I would love for you to meet them so remind me when I come to greet you!

      kindest regards
      Elizabeth J. :)

  2. Marion

    What a beautiful story – brought tears to my eyes.

    • Elizabeth J.

      Dear Marion:
      Thank you for your heartfelt words of support for my puppies. I noticed lately that Gia is now craving to be touched about the face that she would not have tolerated 5 months ago. I know when I put my hands over her eyes and forehead and rub gently she pushes her face against my hands and just stays there getting her relaxed and feeling loved. For me I am so happy that she is no longer afraid to receive affection through touch. Sebastian is a bit more needy and wanting a lot of lovin through touch – his face as well. Mollie just throws herself on the couch with her legs up in the air and waits for me to walk by and rub her belly – it is so lovely to love them and watch them take pleasure in this new experience of learning touch means love and not pain. I am so glad that you read this story and feel you must be a very kind person.

      Kindest regards

      Elizabeth J.


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