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February 17th 2011
Well, it is 8 pm and I am sitting in front of my window when a rush of water hit. At first I thought it was rain or rain/snow but that did not account for the thud. Looking out I could see nothing of course since it has been a huge blow today. CBC radio said it was easily 120 km of wind possibly climbing to 140 km. We ended up spending most of the day snug in our Bonavista Newfoundland cottage house with our 3 dogs. Earlier we were out watching the three of them having a grand time running and putting their noses straight down into the huge layers of snow. Bonavista is so beautiful with the sun shining and the whiteness of the snow making it truly a winter wonderland. But that was earlier.

So here I am standing with my face pressed against the splattered window watching for the thud and the waves. After counting to 6 waves – there it was – thud. I could not for the life of me believe that a wave could reach that far, hitting not only my studio window, but also our window upstairs, which is higher, and further back. That has not happened before. The house is doing a great shake, Glenn has just left to go to the store and I am here suddenly feeling a little edgy with the wind howling and the floor shaking.

Going out earlier we needed to hang onto one anther since the wind was trying to take the car door and my feet felt like they were going with it. Tis’ normal it is to be in this state of Newfoundland weather. Rather makes you feel like you truly are tough and living like they did in the past centuries. If you want to warm the house up without putting the heat up then you have to go out to the shed in this wild wind and actually chop some wood up. Not like in Toronto when we just turned the heat up and got a fire going with a flip of a switch.

Even walking along Cape road where we take our pups for a 3-mile walk was hard. We normally walk off road onto the grasslands but two days ago we stepped up to our knees in the deep snow and could not get our legs out. The dogs were also having a struggle but they hop and can walk on top since they are lighter. Glenn had to struggle to get his arm up so I could grab on but I ended up twisting my knees where the snow had them stuck.

We decided once we got free that we would walk along the road instead.

It was a bit trickier since it was a sunny day with lots of cars going just for a drive to the Cape where the Bonavista lighthouse is. Not much room for all 5 of us since the snow plow was out leaving huge heaps of snow/ice along the shoulders. Our dog Sebastian just loves to climb up on it, while his mom Mollie keeps her head on the path to where ever she is going and though happy, Gia (our 3rd dog) is a bit on edge since there are more cars/trucks on the road than usual.

Regardless of the Newfoundland weather, Glenn and I just love to walk even when windy, although the wind in the past couple of days has kept us from walking as usual. It is too much even for the dogs especially their eyes. The town of Bonavista looks deserted except when we went into the coffee shop. There were lots of people we know and after grabbing chairs to sit, we turn towards where the gossip is going on and join in. It is a lovely way to live, takes a bit more time to get things done and it makes us feel more alive, living so closely with Mother Nature and all her moods.

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