Newfoundland Kindness

Newfoundland Kindness

When Glenn and I first arrived in Bonavista Newfoundland we were called “Me darling”, “me love”, “yes maid” (pronounced mate), “yes my son” and “yes boy” (mostly to boys and men).

Now, just arriving from the politically correct city of Toronto my immediate silent reaction was “Please don’t call me that.”

Being a professional businesswoman and being a woman, I spent my life biting my tongue and educating men that comments like “Yes dear…sweetheart…sweetie, etc”, were inappropriate.

However, we soon realized these words of endearment are a part of Newfoundland’s dialect and folklore. Glenn and I found these Newfoundland sayings enchanting, full of warmth, kindness and a sense of forgiveness.

The more we heard these Newfoundland expressions the more we felt a deep sense of attachment, a connection to the people of Newfoundland.

In fact, one of the most consistent comments our Newfoundland cottages guests’ talk about is the warmth and friendliness of Newfoundlanders.

The words “me darling” imply knowing someone for a long time and gives anyone an immediate sense of belonging; an instant feeling of being a member of the solid family called Newfoundlanders.

No wonder the nickname for Newfoundland is The Rock!

Now anyone can use these words but it would sound more like a politically incorrect statement.

However, when a Newfoundlander says it…Ahhhh – t’is a treat to hear those words directed at you. It is music to the ears and goes straight to one’s heart.

It makes you want to stay here forever and we did!

Only made in Newfoundland!

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