My New Venture with The Elephant Shop My Store Here in Bonavista NL – Part 1

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Well, you may be wondering what these pictures are going on about? Well, it is a dream comes true for me. As you know Elizabeth J. Cottages is my parent company and when I was traveling in India in November of last year I got another vision. This time it was to offer unusual and usually unavailable things to my Bonavista community, my Newfoundland province and my dearest guests traveling to see this wonderful out-port. I am opening a new store called

THE ELEPHANT SHOP –Exquisite Cashmere, Jewelry and so much more…’

The Elephant Shop in Progress


It has wonderful energy and lots of natural light; there is a brick fireplace in the middle.

I am bringing in Cashmere from Napal, Jewelry from Paris, New York, California, Latvia and Tibet; the most beautiful linens hand woven from Ethiopia from table cloths that also work as towels that also work as wraps; boiled woolen blankets – the softest in the world with beautiful colorful patterns and pure silk scarves from Tibet and India.

I wanted to bring beautiful things to the people here – things that they fall in love with that help define them as an individual in their own right adding to their own beauty and enhancing it. Helping men and women look good when they look in the mirror helps them immediately feel good and when one feels good one’s confidence increases tenfold.

Really good quality can be anything be it jeans, sweaters, lipstick, jewelry, looks better, wears better and lasts for years. Most importantly makes you look like a million dollars every time you put it on.

The story behind starting this Elephant Shop business is more of believing that I must listen to my gut. One of the first orders of business was finding a place to rent on Church St. our main street. Well, I had fallen in love with one of the historic shops in town as soon as I came to Bonavista. It always reminds me of the best bakery in the world in Carmel in California. The front windows are similar and the layout is grand except I never wanted to open a bakery – minor detail.

Ah well, the universe wanted none of that because when I inquired to rent it – feeling quite full of myself since no one had rented it for a long time – I was told someone else just rented it. “Oh”, I said. Next question – “What other historic buildings do you have?” “Well, there is one that is going to be done soon – why not ask David – the head of the Bonavista Historic Society.

David is a wonderful man and the son of Gordon Bradley who I came to know as a walking historian and one who never suffered fools because he keeps avoiding them with a curt grunt. I was fortunate to develop a relationship with him that meant a lot to me. However, he died 2 years ago now – a heart attack – just by his truck opposite his old house with his lovely wife of many years just a reach away. No one saw him go down. Well, his story is for another day.

So David helped me hoping my proposal would light a fire so they would re-vitalize this historic building that use to be a famous grocery store. It is now of course a sorry site on Church St. and I was so excited that it was connected to Gordon that I thought for sure it would be a go. My heart was in it all the way up to my brains and then I got the news it was going to be delayed by at least a year. Now I am thinking maybe I am not supposed to open this store.

I began to feel desperate. When I want to start a business it is a passion like falling in love and I was going to do it no matter what obstacle presented itself. After much searching and asking anyone if they have property or a shack on Church St. I asked one business if they would rent their empty space to me. My mind saw potential and Glenn saw a mess. The owner was for it but my eyes saw what Glenn’s did and reluctantly I said no. I felt too desperate. This is where in life I realize the doors are shutting for a reason and I need to be patient. Usually something better is coming if I can just believe it.

My gut was calm even though there was absolutely nothing left for me to find. At this point I was starting to whine a bit wondering if it there is no place for me and my dream.

Stayed tuned to how magical life truly is.

Only made in Newfoundland    by ej

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