Part II of the Elephant Shop My Cashmere & Jewelry Store Here in Bonavista NL

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I am busy scraping away the old paint in preparation for the newWell, as you can see I am busy scraping away the old paint in preparation for the new. This picket fence was built a long time ago and as you can see in the distance on Church St. they are all the same. Up close and personal, as I am now to this fence, I notice all the boards are very rough indeed. In fact, I am told that these are trees that were chopped down and the picket fence was made with the bark and all intact.

It is hard scraping and even harder painting. The wood is like a flower needing water and drinks in all the paint I can lather on it. I love painting outside listening to the birds, the sounds of people moving about living their individual life oblivious to my bent over body. I am getting excited now since once I get the fence painted, I can move on to the next of a thousand things to do.

My Mollie-Bear wanted desperately to come with me to the old vet’s house that she remembers fondly for all the doggie, cat and poohs that she loves to sniff outside the house. I now know where the doggie droppings are and must remember to pick them up before the opening day. Mollie is in the yard now with me that normally sends her into a detective mode of sniffing a million smells until full and then she normally lays down and sleeps.

However, Mollie on this day of painting became quite agitated for reasons I can only guess at. Perhaps she thought she was still waiting to see the vet and that would send any dog into a state of anxiety. Barking and just inconsolable I decided to take her back home painting cloths and all.

I am back at the Elephant Shop again and am able to get half of the fence done on one side only. I am tired and go home. Unfortunately the next 2 weeks bring foggy, rainy weather preventing me from finishing the fence completely. I go indoors to work instead. With the same double layer of cloths on I tackle painting the doors inside. Glenn is busy putting up the granite pure black counter top that just finally arrived. Glenn put three large black legs to hold her up and is building a wooden base for it so I can have shelves hidden under it to put all the things I need to complete a sale.

I am just finishing putting the undercoat white paint on the entire supports when I realize it does not look right. I was going to keep it white but now that I look at it – the beauty of the black granite is gone and this color makes the granite look small and light. So change of plans and I get Glenn to buy me a can of high gloss black paint. It is small changes like this that make all the difference in the energy of the Elephant Shop inside.

At this point things are finally falling into place. I now have all my products, all the items I need to display them and now need Glenn to make the hanging displays for jewelry, book shelves for the Cashmere and move in furniture from the house to complete the look I want for the store.

I now plan to open next week June 30th if I can manage to work all day and night to get it done. However, today is my birthday and I want to spend it walking the dogs as usual, then work really hard at the inside of the shop moving in as much as I need – and go to the opera that we have tickets for, bought 3 months ago. However, my guides have something different planned and can keep secrets very well.

This magical day of June 25th 2011 starts off as listed above and take a dramatic wonderful turn that produces one of the best birthdays I have ever had in my lifetime.

Stay posted and I will tell all!

Only made in Newfoundland! By ej

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