A Bit of Learning About Life’s Goodness

Well now, time has flown like a bolt of lightning. Time flies we say – but who is time and what does she or he look like? So I’ll be asking you to stop for a moment – and answer me that

We speak about time as a living breathing entity – with phrases like “Oh – I’m running out of time; where has time gone? Time flies – now how did ya know that? Is it a bird or a plane or is it superman? Ha! Then there’s “Old Man Time” and D’ya have time for a cup of coffee? “Time runs”, “Time flies,” “time heals”, and Time goes by fast.”

Who is this person we name “Time” who runs, heals, and makes us fearful that Time will leave us? How did Time become this priceless commodity we must never waste?

Why do we give Time all of this power over us?

I am sitting here thinking about the summer, the cottages and the wonderful people who came and stayed for a while. They’ve left a bit of themselves forever here in their DNA that survives in the wind, the grass, and the air they breathed in and out. It survives in the dreams they dreamed and in the whispered messages from the ocean’s voice long into the night. A time that will always stand still with a bit of their hearts left behind energy-wise.

I think of the first time I spoke to all of you who stayed here at one time or another. The tiredness on your faces until you open the door and suddenly the smile greets me like an old friend. I know t’is a relief for you realizing that your choice of where to stay is a good one – even a surprising one, making you instantly relaxing in ways you will only know later. When time allows.

For me, t’is when I see you again by chance or design or simply speaking on the phone a little later in your stay that I hear the bonding with the wind, ocean, sounds of living grass and sounds of your own soul whispering only “that it is a joyful and peaceful place.” The facial muscles relaxing I see you all looking younger no matter what age time hands you.

Time, if you notice in the words I am using, comes up constantly in many different meanings. A time for living, a time to loving living, a time to find your own independent self that is hiding somewhere in the condo of your own subconscious mind. A time for time – be it sitting on the deck just watching nothing and everything, a time to be – not a definition of anything – just existing like a blade of grass who is what it t’is because it is.

As long as this land stands, where the cottages live their independent lives – your subconscious selves in the form of your DNA energy lives here as well. So, when your feeling tired, hurried for time, remember you live here too at the same time – where time stands still; where you will never grow old and will live here in peace for eternity. Come and visit no matter where you are – you are here too – your body remembers through your DNA that still speaks to you in mysterious ways.

So I’ll not be saying goodbye to you all as the season is now passing along to the next, when the snow falls, the wind howls and the darkness stays longer like an unwanted visitor.

No, I’ll be greeting you with a big smile saying hello to you all every moment I am standing over here at my beloved cottages.

You see – time has no power over us at t’all.

Only Made In Newfoundland ! by Elizabeth J. J

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