Interview with The Elephant Shop Boutique & Aleksandrs Int. Gallery of Fine Art

This is the first video of The Elephant Shop Boutique>. A video was done last year when I was ill (looked it too) outside the shop with too much wind (not mine, too much sun and garbled speech (the wild wind talked while I did too), my lower lip damaged from childhood. So this interview I knew would not be very good. Yes- I was at that time away from everything I hold dear trying to stay alive despite one of the doctors best efforts (another story). Welcome to my world of challenges, drifting, my life sometimes deserted me and I deserted it.Remarkably my life can quite uneventful. I just love to walk with Glenn, our 3 rescued dogs, read books for hours, and just simply be sitting alone with a cup of coffee on the shore of this Atlantic paradise.

So in February I received an unexpected phone call from the person who interviewed me. When he stated he wanted to re-interview me ( for all of the above reasons) – I jumped at the chance. This was perfect because now I was well, gained needed weight, my hair in better shape (always about looks eh?) and had my lower lip surgically repaired from damage when I was young.

Here now is the interview. I invite you all to have a look and a listen to just two more businesses explaining themselves that one Aleksandrs Int.Gallery of Fine Art and one Elephant Shop Boutique can make a difference in so many people’s lives.

I love what I do no matter what it is and worked very hard on my self-growth making up for the disassociated way life my parents subjected on me. Now here I am. Still challenged, loving my life despite set backs and confusions. I love this video – not because I am in it- but because the gallery and shop are in your lives now. Even if you are sitting watching this you are for a moment stepping inside the world of art, of unusual hard to find gifts for yourself and for others. I love the way the camera caught the eyes of the paint brushes, puzzle stool, canvas, camera,hanging from the gallery’s 22 foot ceilings. They then slant to 8′ with all walls lined with windows that actually open! Art is the heart beat of any community and it is life itself for us all.

Then the Elephant Shop Boutique with it’s worldly, luxury quality products hand made by real people who put their love into every moment they are creating. Did you realize that when you see, feel and buy any one of these products that you are also being given free all that extra energy of someones love and passion? Love for their hands to do what they need so they can feed themselves and their families. The love of knowing it is going to a different free country wishing they might be able to hide in the thread of their creations.

I am so very fortunate that my Boutique, Gallery is full with the talents, dreams, and lives of all who have their products here for you – the buyer- who may not realize how much you really give and receive from any/all products at my shop/gallery.
What are you giving? An abundance of Hope along with the gift of housing, feeding, schooling, clothing, and caring for unknown families who without your purchasing their hand made products would be destitute? What do you get for buying their goods? Love, gratitude, knowledge of their culture, lives and knowing that you are making a difference in the world. All these gifts from these products have energy described above that now is passed on to you. The knowledge that you are helping another person live a quality life with filled with hope. An amazing exchange for buying a product hand made from another country making the world of give and take balanced.

It truly is a wonderful world when you look beneath the simple act of buying hand made artwork and products.

Thank you for giving love and life to yourself and to thousands of others when you buy at my shop and gallery. ej

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