Dear Bernice: “Love on the Rock’ here in Newfoundland and Labrador

Dear Bernice!!!!

What a lovely reply I find in my comment post!!

I must get you writing along with me – you express yourself so beautifully and can add wonderful words to my website especially your memories about what it is like growing up in an out-port.. I would love that very much. It was wonderful meeting along the road just before Moses Point – your hubby George who really is the first one I approached to run with me for council. Bernice you are so good for George, always have and always will. I remember you when we first met – you owning the Sears outlet – so very smart, a great lady in sales and all things about life! Were you born here Bernice in Bonavista now? T’s a lovely place to be running around as a child lookin for all the wee treasures you’d be findin – hiding under the rock an all.

For me t’s hard to move into a closed society -people having families living next door or people here you have known since you were born -T’s a strange concept for me growing up in an abusive home losing all semblance of grandparents/aunts/uncles. Still a hard go for anyone growing up with people who knew you with diapers on – kinda hard to convince them you are intelligent woman when they only remember you pooping :)) I can only guess how hard that can be – however I am fascinated by your sense of belonging that is rare in many ways.

What it must be like to feel you belong to the Mother Earth called The Rock – you don’t get much closer than that eh? What an awesome wonder looking up at the sky at night seeing only clear stars so far away and the moon must look like it is right on your doorstep. The grass here knows no bounds and people need to take lessons from the grass growing here. So strong, gettin along with the bushes, low growing spruce plants, the weeds, the flowers here. When I walk though it with me 3 dogs and husband now -t’s like a soft cushion like the forest floor thick an soft as can be! Ah and the stunning wild Irises- how do they grow so big and strong here Bernice? The land here is so different here – where on earth do you see weeds allowed to grow amoungst the grass? Ohh and the grass grows tall as you please.

Were you acquainted with the Puffins back then Bernice? You must write here telling us all about them – what were the Puffins like back then and where were they to? Ahh you bring out so many questions in me head now – you must continue to write girl giving us all the gift of memories you have – George too eh?

An talkin about Moses Point – do ya think the name came about cause Moses was here? I can’t be thinkin he was a pirate too eh? But you been talkin ’bout the findings here Bernice – did you find any treasure now? I hear talk of all the treasure sure to be buried here. Real too! So many pirates off the shores here burying their gold n’all. All that you been writing ’bout Bernice? I can look over now and see the Moses Point and knows what your saying ’bout it missing a piece of itself – now your right – I saw just the other day now the ocean is building down the connecting there so ya needs a bathing suit to swim across
– well not that bad I suppose- saw people last summer just below where the boat almost be crashing – the one I wrote you about eh? Yes – never seen the likes of that since. Oh you can still get across to the other part of itself – Bernice – did Moses actually attend her do ya tink? Wouldn’t that be something eh? At least he would have had lots of rock to be chosen from to be writing his tablets eh?

I cannot thanks you enough Bernice – taking the time to write and all. I am sitting here in me work room looking out at the ocean not 40 yrs from the ocean – can you here the sound of the wee waves crashing as always against the rocks slightly below me – helping them prevent rough skin so to speak eh? The wind is up today and the sun shining as bright as can be – I wonder if the Sun knows we are here Bernice? Ya think it knows somehow we are talking about her?

Well I must be off getting me work done here Bernice.. still I like to have you write again so I can gain some memories of a past – like when I saw your wee daughter the other day on her graduation from high school and you all looking so fantastic in your finery .. T’is the first time I actually experienced what t’s like to know a small child and then watch her growed into a fine young woman – beautiful she is –

I’ll be waitin here for ya Bernice –

Only in Newfoundland where one can talk as the past folks did and do by ej

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