The Steep Gable Roof Cottage first appeared in Newfoundland in the 1400’s. The name came from the 45-degree angle peak roof, creating a triangular shape at the ends of the houses called a gable. Wooden shingles were cut by hand. Practical and efficient, our Steep Gable Roof cottage is a blend of modern construction and an enduring one-and-a-half story design.

Definition and Origins:

The Steep Gable Roof immediately sparks an interest to anyone unfamiliar with historic architecture. Where did this name come from?

The Steep Gable Roof design originated from the English, Old Norse, French and Celtic areas in Europe in the 14th C. These accommodation styles became popular in various parts of United States. The Steep Gable Roof is recognized easily by looking at the roof- lines with the length of the front and back roofs being of equal distance.

Historic 14th C Gable Roof accommodations were simple to build and in colder climates such as in the out-ports of NL this steep slanted roof kept the heavy weight of snow and ice from caving in the roof A typical Steep Gable Roof house was built with one – two stories. A traditional Gable Roof was a simple style cozy usually small inside with a rectangular floor plan.

So where did the Steep Gable Roof get its name?

If you look at picture #2 you will notice how steep the roof is in the front and back. The steepness of the slope of its roof caused problems in times of powerful storms such as a Hurricane. The house would simply fly away.

Colonial Cape Cod

colonial cape cod
colonial cape cod

A gable is the triangle formed by a sloping roof. A building may be front-gabled or side-gabled.
Some houses are cross-gabled–They have gables both on the front and on the side.
Porches and dormers may also be gabled.


Steep Gable Roof two-story house from any out-port in NL

painting steeple cottage
Painting Steeple Cottage

Steep Gable Roof two story house from Britain

Steep Gable Roof Newfoundland 1- STORY

As seen on Google under Historic Steep Gable Roof Style Houses in NL

Steep Gable Roof Replica built for in 2004.

The Steep Gable Roof was very important since due to its 2 story size when a family needed more space. They simply took off the end of the Steep Gable Roof house and added bungalow style or 1 story building. So when the roof was added it had to slant easily down to cover the one story. This created created 2 different roof lines. It was short in the front and very long in the back. In fact it slanted almost to the ground in the back.

cape cod
cape cod

This extension added to the back made it look like the old Salt Boxes that the Europeans brought their cheap salt in. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful intriguing design to all from the outside. Thus a new style of house was created called the Salt Box House in this next section.