The difference between the “Salt Box Cottage” and the “Steep Gable Roof Cottage”?

Elizabeth J Cottages are unique Canadian vacation homes and are famous for their connection to nature. They are both self-catered oceanfront cottages with full kitchens. The cottages’ large decks offer fantastic views of Bonavista/Trinity Bay. The unbearable beauty of Mother Nature can be witnessed from every window. Our guests experience the feeling of home when they arrive and find their souls rejuvenated.

The Steep Gable Roof Cottage

The Steep Gable Roof Cottage first appeared in Newfoundland in the 1400's. The name came from the 45-degree angle peak roof, creating a triangular shape at the ends of the houses called a gable. Wooden shingles were cut by hand. Practical and efficient, our Steep Gable Roof cottage is a blend of modern construction and an enduring one-and-a-half story design.

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The Salt Box Cottage

The Saltbox-style accommodation began to appear in Newfoundland around 1870. This type of accommodation actually came from the United States popular Steep Gable Roof houses. The procedure allowing this long traveled adventure was bringing cheap salt from their own countries to preserve the fish to be consumed back in each respective country. The Salt Box shaped containers had the top part shaped shorter in front and longer in the back. The use of roof lined shingles, clapboard siding,

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Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind summer retreat, a secluded romantic getaway, or an intimate time with your own soul, or the peaceful uninterrupted writer’s paradise to be creative, my 5-star, self-catered oceanfront accommodations are equipped with everything you need to feel like you truly belong.

A Rich History

Newfoundland is rich in history; it’s a place firmly rooted in tradition, where one can capture a glimpse of the past while enjoying modern day comforts. Bonavista is a fishing village with its community filled with generations of families living, working, and helping each other survive throughout their lives.

Friendly People

All Newfoundlanders love tourists learning about their communities, culture, history, exploring what Mother Earth gifted Newfoundland with the best hiking trails in North America, great freshly-made traditional food in our local restaurants, pubs making all visitors feel so very welcome screeching them in with the long traditional ritual of kissing a cod fish and then adopting all as honorary Newfoundlanders. Finally, of course their dialect and famous sense of humor!

Indoor Amenities

Our two exceptional cottages, the Saltbox Cottage rental and the Steep Gable Roof Cottage rental, are located just 40 yards from the Atlantic Ocean. Every window provides unobstructed views of the ocean and landscape, and provides natural light for nearly the whole day.

Both the Saltbox and Steep Gable Roof vacation homes feature two bedrooms complete with queen-size sleigh beds, Persian rugs, large dressers, closets, luxurious custom-made futon mattresses all dressed with 650 Weave 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet, pillow, and sheets. There is also a six-stage reverse osmosis system for your drinking water without any bought bottled water.

Additional accommodation amenities include:

  • Jacuzzi tubs with stainless steel safety fixtures
  • Container full of Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities including microwave and dishwasher
  • Complimentary flour, Olive Oil, Baking soda/powder etc for all your baking needs
  • Complimentary Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Mustard, etc
  • Complimentary no code high-speed internet service
  • Complimentary local-call telephone service
  • 100 per cent luxury Egyptian cotton towels
  • 650 weave Egyptian cotton linens
  • 100 per cent luxury Terrycloth Monogrammed Bathrobes
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Locally sourced, award-winning furniture
  • Hardwood floors
  • Special imported Italian tiles in Mudroom/Bathroom
  • Window box seats overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • Complimentary cable, TV, and DVD player
  • Mud room including washer and dryer
  • Complimentary detergent, dryer linens, etc
  • Wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors
  • Ceiling fans
  • Large custom made futon couch and chair which turns into a double bed in the living space

After arriving enjoy our complimentary artesian bread freshly baked in wood-burning oven, specialty Newfoundland jams, fresh fruit as well as a 7 stage-reverse-osmosis water tap to the left of the kitchen tap.

Outdoor Amenities

Trailblazers use my luxurious self-catered cottages as base camps from where they can explore the Newfoundland Discovery Trail, Skerwink Trail, and other incredible Newfoundland hiking trials that follow the dramatic Atlantic coastline. Imagine returning to a stunning cottage, slide into the Jacuzzi tub relaxing with the pulsating 10 jets softening your aching body. Then sit on your private oceanfront cottage deck watching Whales play providing an unlimited source of breathing in the sights provided by Mother Earth’s children. Inspiration comes to all allowing artists to paint, photographers to capture the beauty of all before them through their lens’ eye, bird watchers delight in seeing rare species and painters paint.

Other outdoor amenities that can be enjoyed by all include:

  • Private large, ocean-side decks
  • Gas barbecues
  • Games, including badminton, horseshoes and soccer ball
  • Indoor fun – reading sitting in the window box seats, or playing ageless board games
  • Hiking trails and maps to safely travel the nearby ocean cliffs
  • Private beach for picnics, exploring, swimming or simply just “be”
  • Laundry facilities in the Mudroom along with all the complimentary supplies required
  • And so much more….