With great Attractions within walking distance and a short drive from Elizabeth J.’s Vacation Rentals tourists call them their Base Camp! Since everything to see and do is a maximum of 45 minutes away – tourists love to go hiking, swimming, exploring, then knowing they are returning to their home base rural retreat with a lovely 10 jet Jaccuzi tub awaiting them. A fireplace, cosy window box seats to have quiet time to read, look out the window at all of Mother Earth’s wonders. A BBQ you can smell just outside your door, luxury coffee or  a glass of wine, candle light and oh the large deck where they can see all the birds flying for that last catch, singing away while the ocean gets calmer. Then always in time for Mother Earth’s genetic fingerprinted sunsets – knowing one will never see an exact one again. It is peaceful in ways that are hard to explain.

Newfoundland whales are migratory mammals that travel to warmer southern waters in winter in order to breed and calve before returning to our cooler northern waters for feeding in spring, summer and fall (usually between April and October).

We are all very fortunate that many of these great migratory whales consider Bonavista Bay their summer home, returning each year to feed and play just off the shoreline. Our authentic replica Newfoundland Cottages offer a private oceanfront setting where whales swimming, feeding and playing can be viewed from every window inside or from the private large wooden balcony outside.

Each year, nearly 5,000 humpback whales return to our Newfoundland waters but there are numerous other species of whales and dolphins that visit and are visible from our Newfoundland cottages. It is not uncommon for Elizabeth J. Cottages’ guests to enjoy watching Newfoundland whales, icebergs and Atlantic Puffins from the comfort of the Luxury Newfoundland Cottages.

Some of the whale and dolphin species that visit our shoreline include;

Baleen Whales – including the Blue Whale, Humpback, Minke and Fin Whale

Toothed Whales – including the Orca (or Killer) Whale, Pilot Whale, Sperm Whale and Beluga

Dolphins & Porpoises – including the Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and the Harbour Porpoise

Best Times for Viewings

Everything depends on Mother Nature of course, but the optimal times to visit in order to catch the whales (as well as icebergs and puffins) are as follows;

Whales & Dolphins
Arrive in Bonavista Newfoundland area usually around the 16th of May
Leave around the 16th of October

Atlantic Puffins
Arrive around the 2nd week of May
Leave around the 1st week of September

Arrive around the 1st week of May
You can sometimes still see icebergs as late as the 2nd week of July

Newfoundland Whale Watching Photos

There simply is no better place to enjoy whale watching in Newfoundland than right here in Bonavista.

It is truly an amazing sight to see majestic humpback whales that are 50+ feet long and 400 tons “flipper slapping” the water with their barnacled flippers or sliding nose down slipping into the water with their tails straight up then disappearing quietly to the ocean. We’ve even seen humpback whales breach (jump or fly) their massive bodies right up out of the water; what a spectacular unforgettable sight and sound! Here are a few photos from our Newfoundland whale watching tour.

Newfoundland Whale Watching Tours

Along with Newfoundland Icebergs and Newfoundland’s bird, the Atlantic Puffin, many of our Newfoundland whales are common to our inshore waters between April and October and can be viewed from the comfort of the cottage, private deck or beach.

To truly feel the majestic presence of these mystical, magical creatures we highly recommend that our cottage guests book a whale watching tour with one of the excellent local Newfoundland whale watching tour companies. You will treasure spending even a few precious moments with these very intelligent “gentle giants”.

Glenn and I personally took the zodiac boat tour, which was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. We felt as if the whales knew all of us on the boat, especially when they glide effortlessly (all 400 tons) under the boat without a bump or movement in our boat! We truly felt that the whales enjoyed our company and understood that we respect and would not harm them.

Whale Watching Tour Companies

We highly recommend our local Newfoundland whale watching tour companies, which offer similar, yet very different and excellent whale watching tours including:

Sea of Whales Adventures – Newfoundland Whale Watching Tours

Kris and Shawna Prince own “Sea of Whales Adventures” and specialize in taking people out in their Zodiac to “watch these gentle giants feed, and migrate through the Bonavista Peninsula.” As well, Kris and Shawna love to point out all the additional wildlife that is in the area. Visit Kris and Shawna’s website at http://www.seaofwhales.com/