Elizabeth J. Cottages are located in the town of Bonavista near the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula on the northeastern coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Surrounding the Bonavista Peninsula is the world famous Newfoundland Discovery Trail. This series of coastal hiking trails is legendary and heralded by international adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts as some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating hiking trails.

In fact, our very own 5.3 km (3.3 mile) Skerwink Trail with its coastal “sea stack” rock formations has been rated as one of the top 30 scenic hiking trails in the world!

The interest in hiking Canada is continually growing. More and more, international backpackers, hikers, birdwatchers and outdoor adventurers are coming to the Bonavista Peninsula here in the Eastern Region of Newfoundland. Check out our great hiking trails below listed for your pleasure.

Newfoundland Hiking Trail Highlights

The coastal hiking trails of the Bonavista Peninsula in Eastern Newfoundland are readily accessible and provide phenomenal opportunities to see many awe-inspiring sights including;

  • Massive Newfoundland Icebergs
  • Playful Newfoundland Whales
  • Adorable Atlantic Puffins – Newfoundland’s bird (plus many other migratory seabirds)
  • Breathtaking Panoramic Views from Oceanfront Cliff Hiking Trails
  • Unique Seascapes, Caves, Sea Stacks, Arches and other Rock Formations
  • Sheltered Coves and “Pocket” Beaches (great for Beachcombing and swimming)
  • Old Coastal Towns, Villages & Historic Sites
  • Abandoned Fishing Communities (including Kerley’s Harbour, British Harbour & King’s Cove)
  • Newfoundland Wildlife (Moose, Elk, Fox, Artic Hare, Beaver, etc)
  • Popular Local Hiking Trails

We invite you to visit Bonavista and stay at one of our Luxury Newfoundland Cottages. This is the perfect base to begin your hiking trail explorations. Newfoundlanders are notoriously friendly and welcoming…we know you will fall in love with the “Rock” and its beautiful people.

Hike along the coastal cliffs up to the cape and discover the Dungeon Sea Cave, Bonavista Lighthouse and of course Skerwink Trail. The following offers some brief descriptions of our famous local Newfoundland trails that you might want to explore.

Skerwink Hiking Trail
Skerwink Trail is a popular 5.3 km (3.3 mile) loop trail, a coastal hiking trail near Bonavista noted for its unique “sea stack” rock formations with names like “Flat Fish” and “Music Box”. This is an easy-moderate Newfoundland hiking trail with stunning views of the ocean, whales, seabirds and more. Skerwink Trail also passes by Sam White’s Cove.

British Harbour Hiking Trail
The 2 km (1.2 mile) hiking trail to the old seasonal fishing post of Kerley’s Harbour (abandoned since 1963) is an easy-moderate hike. For a moderate-difficult hike continue along the 6km (3.7 mile) hiking trail to British Harbour, another historic abandoned fishing village. Along the way you’ll witness scenic harbour views and discover the stone foundation remains and tombstones of early settlers from this old, secluded fishing out port.

Maberly Hiking Trail
This is a linear coastal Newfoundland hiking trail approximately 17 km (10.5 miles) long running between Little Catalina and Maberly (aka Muddy Brook). Maberly Trail is a moderate-difficult hiking trail. Much of the surrounding landscape is barren with stunted “Tuckamore” trees but the Maberly hiking trail offers unobstructed views of the Atlantic coast where hikers can enjoy seabirds, the incredible coastline and the passing whales and icebergs. Visitors also enjoy nearby Elliston, the “root cellar capital of the world”. Elliston is home to the rare Newfoundland geological anomaly “felsenmeer” (freeze-thawed broken rock formations), which is more commonly found further north near the Arctic Circle.

Klondike Trail Newfoundland
Newfoundland’s linear Klondike Trail is a 5 km (3.1 mile) easy-moderate hiking trail running from Elliston North to Spillars Cove. This area was initially called Bird Island Cove and offers hikers spectacular oceanfront scenery with plenty of seabirds and wildlife along the way.

King’s Cove Lighthouse Trail
The original name of this early country road was “Battertons Path” but this Newfoundland trail is now a popular looped hiking trail running a total of 5.2 km (3.2 miles) and rated easy-moderate. Hike on over the lighthouse, which was built in 1843 and was the first Newfoundland lighthouse to feature a Swedish revolving kerosene lighting system.

Murphy’s Cove Hiking Trail
Begin this looped 7.7 km (4.8 mile) hiking trail in the small town of Port Union, where you also find historical sites like the Fisherman’s Union Premises. Expect a moderate hike along this coastal Newfoundland trail with plenty of photo opportunities from natural viewing platforms on the various headlands overlooking Bonavista Bay.

Come Discover Our Newfoundland Hiking Trails

Hiking Canada is a remarkable experience and the dramatic rugged beauty of Newfoundland should not be missed. The indented coves and inlets of Bonavista’s Atlantic coastline are very distinctive offering up some of the most astounding scenery you will ever witness.

The majority of our local Bonavista hiking trails are spectacular coastal hiking trails where you can drink in the clean salty air, the unique indigenous wildlife and the glorious Atlantic coastline.

At the end of your Newfoundland hiking adventure, come relax in your “home away from home” and stay in one of our two Self Catered Newfoundland Cottages, complete with soaker Jacuzzi hot tub, fireplace and private oceanfront deck…simply paradise.