Reinvention is a specialty of mine. I figure out how to assist individuals, businesses small and large to change/grow through the work I do. This talent comes naturally. I perfected this gift over many years with thousands of businesses, individuals and groups throughout my eclectic lifetime careers. I can do that for you at The Elephant Shop Boutique.

The Elephant Shop Boutique brings the world to the region and the region to the world. I offer high-end rare, unique gifts for everyday buying for oneself, our beloved family, our dear friends as well as corporate gifts who love to say thank you with a high quality gift showing how much they appreciation you for being on their team.

I love offering individuals anything goes style show and tell. That is a person who is adventuresome – who longs for a different them but I doesn’t know what that looks like or how to put that look together. One who comes into my Elephant Shop Boutique usually leaves discovering new ways of growing, feeling, behaving, successfully moving closer to their own potential and dreams with no substitutes!

For those who love to just look and maybe buy without anyone hovering around them – the shop is yours – I am like that too – I want always to be the one who asks first..

I await your visits..