Step into a world of Art and you will find the heartbeat of any community.

Bonavista’s First International Art Gallery showcases unique art from contemporary to abstract. The gallery features original oil paintings, Inuit carvings and prints,
and photographic art from New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Labrador and Newfoundland. med-aleksandr Open from May 1st – October 31st Open Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm Closed Monday

Experience the beating heart of original oil paintings, photographic art,

Inuit Carvings and Inuit Prints from around the world. Sit for awhile

letting your imagination absorb your own interpretation and meanings behind every piece before you.

Experience unique artists’ forms such as Contemporary, Abstract to Impromptuism all Original oil Paintings, Inuit Carvings and Prints, and Photographic Art await it’s audience to sit for a while absorbing the meaning from the artist and for oneself. Artists from New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Labrador and Newfoundland this is Bonavista’s First International Art Gallery.

I invite you to come in, be one with this town’s heartbeat. Through the art of another, one experiences a vision of oneself and of this town’s people and its history. I await your visit and adoption of the artwork that speaks to you.”

Elizabeth J. Zemdegs is an entrepreneur from Toronto who opened Elizabeth J. Cottages Ltd. in July 2004. These cottages are the first high-end cottages in all of Newfoundland and Labrador and designated as ‘1 of the Top 11 Destinations in the World.’ Globe & Mail Elizabeth J. then decided to open The Elephant Shop being the first high-end retail shop in July 2011, now famous for offering ‘Exquisite 100% Cashmere, Jewelry and so many other products from all over the world.’ The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art is named after her beloved son Aleksandrs who lives in Toronto with his family. Ok Ok Ok – doesn’t sound like me a’ tall does it? No I am not gettin Up- It -Ti – worry not! This is grand news isn’t IT? Well my eyes cannot see what’s before me and my mind is sluggish as clogged drain pipes. I think I am going into a burn out stage – however that must wait until after Tuesday June 12th – then we will see what’s what! I will post pictures about the gallery although it t’is not finished quite. First I needed to get the cottages open, then The Elephant Shop which is open but needs more work and now my eyes blurry turn towards the upstairs of my shop. I hope you will enjoy the announcement and my blogging along the way about what is happening and the new products that are at the cottages and shop and now gallery. Glenn is the solid support I sure need especially with his building anything skills and kind shadowing of me waiting to be helpful. Glenn and I sure do magic when the timing is short. When the Salt Box Cottage was first built the work crew just got the kitchen cupboards in, appliances in Friday July 4th at 5 pm. There was nothing else in the cottage and I had my first clients coming on Sunday. Well I knew if I put the desk in this one spot in the cottage then all would fall into place. It did – making window top drapes with straw and putting everything in and I do mean everything – down to utensils, toilet paper etc. We had a little help from our friends (2) as the Beatles would say and finished on Sunday morn at 5 am. So I have every confidence in the world that we can pull it off again. To you all who read my blog when I believe no one is here reading amazes me. People who make reservations and stay at the cottages ask how my leg is and I cannot figure for the life of me how they know – and then a smile from my clients and viola – they tell me they read my blogs. So if you do read seriously my blogs I would love to hear from you all since it is lonely thinking these many words exist in time and space without anyone seeing them. I look forward to knowing someone is out there reading … Only made in Newfoundland by ej Find The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art on: Facebook Twitter