“Private verandas and jaw dropping views of the ocean

from every cottage… just a few feet away from the ocean.”

I await your call!


Since opening Elizabeth J.’s authentic Newfoundland luxury cottages to rent in July 11th 2004 guests from around the world began to realize that Bonavista and indeed Newfoundland and Labrador was a new travel destination. International travellers from as far away as Britain, Ireland, Asia, Africa, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Bermuda, Germany, Netherlands, Greenland, to name just a few – and Nanuvut as well as guests from virtually every Canadian province and American state, have stayed in these holiday cottages in beautiful Bonavista.

A Magical Place

Elizabeth J. Cottages is a magical place for an ideal getaway. Here you can take a deep breath of clear, clean, saltwater tinged air, observe playful Newfoundland whales, luminous icebergs, look up at the billions of twinkling stars at night and most of all silence except for the lull of the ocean waves lapping at your feet. The greatest gift from her clients’ views is the passionate love they all feel as soon as they walk into her secret retreats also found in the shop and gallery.

Off The Beaten Track

In designing and decorating her classic cottages Elizabeth J. aimed to create a special space with exceptional warmth, beauty, a place that far exceeds her guests’ expectations. Elizabeth J. Cottages are off the beaten track yet still only 5 minute drive to downtown Bonavista. Elizabeth J.’s rural retreats are located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean,on 2 acres of grassland and cliffs in a location that elicits reactions of joy and awe in her guests. Elizabeth J. a private person herself made a written commitment to all her guests famous or not that their privacy would be protected at all times.

To learn more about Elizabeth J.’s luxury self-catering vacation rentals in Bonavista Newfoundland or to make a reservation for one of these unique vacation homes in Canada, please Email Newfoundland Cottages or Call the Office at :1-709-468-5035 or calll me at 709-468-8145.

Elizabeth J. – The Visionary and The Person

Who is Elizabeth J.?

Elizabeth J. Zemdegs is a true renaissance woman; A Serial Entrepreneur, Winner of the The Entrepreneur Award of The Year by Royal Bank 2003, Famous Dini Petty was previous recipient 2002; Media Personality, International Motivational Speaker, Nurse Pratitioner Specializing in Gynegology/Urology and Family Medicine, Medical Researcher putting together Papers on Various Concerns such as Pregancy and Terminals”; Teaching, Evaluating Doctors in the  Family Medicine Specialty 2 Year Programme at McMaster’s University Programme, with my own Clients; Teaching Human Resourse Directors on New Human Resource Practices at Seneca College Toronto; Psychotherapist in Private Practice Specializing in the PTSD Toronto, TV Personality, Classical Pianist, Model, World Traveler, Published Writer in Medicine, Newspaper Contributer, Published large chapter in The First Book on Abuse in School Aged Children. My Chapter  “What It Really Feels Like To Be An Abused Child” being the First in the World to link Child Abuse with War Vets and PTSD, Student Pilot Toronto Island, Skydiver (Aurther, Ontario) and Scuba Diver Licenses (Bermuda) – Downhill Skier on the ski patrol (Ontario) -Silver Medal Winner in BC Famous Molstar Races, squash, Tennis Champion (12 yrs old).

Now Elizabeth J. is Creator, CEO, Owner of First Luxury 4 1/2 Star Elizabeth J. Cottages; The Elephant Shop, and The Aleksandrs International Gallery of Fine Art – all  Firsts in NL. These 3 successful busineeses all built within 8 years of her moving to beautiful Bonavista.

Elizabeth J. loves to hang around with Glenn her beloved husband who supports EJ’s Entrepreneur endevours whole heartedly! Elizabeth J. is very close with her son Aleksandrs, his wife Denise and their 2 Grandchildren!! Glenn and Ej are owners of 3 large rescued dogs here in Bonavista walking them 3 miles daily along the Cape. Elizabeth J. still helps many people with her skills as a Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur. Elizabeth J. is an avid reader, researcher, loves movies and built a workshop for Glenn and an Art Studio for her own Art Work.

Currently Elizabeth J. is working on a book the subject most dear to her heart – her life, survival, during and after Child Abuse –

Elizabeth J. was born in Toronto to the Barrett family from Ireland, and raised in the Beaches area of Toronto, spending unknown to her in her parents century-old saltbox house built by a Newfoundlander and finished off with red brick with white trim.

Greatest Achievement

Though she has received many awards and accolades as a businessperson, Elizabeth J. counts her greatest achievement as raising her son as a single mother, showing him the world, and proving that he could achieve anything he wanted. After completing his law degree, a part of which was completed in Hong Kong, he’s now a litigating lawyer for the Department of Justice in Toronto. Following in his mother’s foot steps Aleks and his wife Denise are now certified skydivers, scuba divers and avid hikers who have climbed mountains around the world.

Elizabeth J. married Glenn (born in Halifax NS) an RCMP officer she met at sea in 1992. Glenn worked as a VIP RCMP Officer for Princess Dianna, her sons William and Harry, as well as every visiting head of state including British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, President Ronald Regan, Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir as well as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother. Glenn and his partner had the great privilege of protective duty for Princess Di, young Harry and William while visiting for a week in Toronto.

Elizabeth J. and Glenn discovered an inexplicable draw to the rugged and beautiful terrain of the Bonavista coastline in Newfoundland. The couple purchased 1 property owned by 3 families on a handshake when vacationing in the area and soon after began building their own Mansard Roof Newfoundland home. It was in November while they were driving to check on their unfinished house that Elizabeth J, while driving turned to her husband saying, “ Guess what I am doing next?” The unexplainable vision had occurred and Elizabeth J. bought the property the cottages sit on now over the phone in Toronto and went on to open the Salt Box Cottage 7 months later and the Steep Gable Roof Cottage in August 7th, 2004.


Elizabeth J. continues creating new businesses such as The Elephant Shop and The Aleksandrs International Gallery of Fine Art. Glenn is very supportive of Elizabeth J.’s creations helping do the financial end of her businesses. Elizabeth J. spends long hours creating, writing her own websites, designing from the name to the tiniest detail such as scotch tape for her clients. Elizabeth J. and Glenn both love traveling and recently visited India for a month. Both Elizabeth J. and Gelnn are very happy hiking, going to the Garrick Theatre for movies, live plays and living quietly in Bonavista with their three large rescue dogs Gia, Sebastian, and Mollie. Both love goofing off by simply hiding out on thier own private beach, reading their perspective books, skyping weekly with their beloved son and family. Both love sitting in the Walkerman’s Coffee shop talking with the locals, along with the Walkeran’s pub with weekend live bands or playing pool, walking 3 miles daily with their cherished dogs. Life is lived to its fullest since to Elizabeth J. everyday is a lifetime in itself since she grew up in a large brick house in the Beaches just a block down from Lake Ontario. Waking up the only thing on her mind was “am I going to get out of here alive.” She lost everything by the time she was 8 years old except her mind because she believed the lake to be alive and supported her.


The Elephant Shop

Experience this incredible shopping experience, housed in this 144-year old Historically Designated Newfoundland house, built from stripped trees by hand by families needing a house to withstand the winters of Bonavista. The unique shop shows products from all over the world; perfect for special gifts for you and all your friends and family back home. Each item in the shop is handmade from the finest quality products like 100 per cent cashmere and sterling silver.

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The Aleksandrs Gallery of Fine Art

Bonavista’s First International Art Gallery showcases unique art from contemporary to abstract. The gallery features original oil paintings, Inuit carvings and prints,
and photographic art from New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Labrador and Newfoundland.

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